Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Who doesn't want to look gorgeous?I guess everyone,isn't it?But the question is how?Well the answer is wear minimum accessories but the one piece which you wear should be able to take place of other thousand pieces.For all you girls who are just going to start with their college should wear something funky or scintillating.May be you can team up a pink earring with a nice white t-shirt to add that add distinct look .Its not the matter that you wear something expensive or branded rather it should suit you well with the outfit you wear.Try to bring contrast in your wardrobe as it would give you an edge on your other girl friends.And,stepping in college you owe rights to experiment.Don't you think so?So,treat your self like a princess and wear a nice either funky ring,bracelet or anklet but the most important thing is to wear it correctly.And, don't forget your beautiful smile.

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