Friday, 17 April 2009


There is a reason for all the gym fraternity as its summer time and now you should have clothes which make you breathe. You must be pondering, what am I talking about? Now, it's time to beat the heat with airy clothes. Wear clothes which are light and soothes your body according to temperature. Try a new tee by Nike which has nice caption but more important than that is that it has pores which keeps it breathing and evades stickiness. Sounds good, isn't it?? Though black is always the color for working out but try and accentuate your body with bright colors to complement the climate. To make head turns try Capri's with net and catchy tees for gym. After rigorous exercise it won't make you feel moist as it has pores which pass the air to and fro to give your body heat a passage to free. There are amazing places which provide right gym attire at best prices. So just imagine when you enter your gym and you notice your guy head turn, I think it's really worth it! So go for it girl and wear something sporty to support your exercises.

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